This Sunday, when you gather round the table to pay tribute to Mom, give her a toast that will be better than any gift she opens this year.  Chris Korbel, an authority on special occasion speeches and toasts, says there are six things you should never mention when toasting your mother!  Here they are:

1.  Don't offer mom a laundry list of compliments.  You want to keep it to one or two detailed observations.

2.  Don't speak for your other siblings without consulting them first.

3.  Don't say anything that will make your mom feel old.  A lot of people when they thank their mom focus a lot on the past and their childhood.  It can sound a lot like a eulogy,

4,  Make sure when you express your love, that it's about your love and not 'I love you more.'

5.   Don't clink your glass and say "I'd like to propose a toast."  Just raise your glass and you can begin.

6.   Don't qualify your praise!  It's a celebration.  You can call her the best mom.  No one will take offense.

Aside from the six things you should never mention when toasting your mother, don't forget to say "I Love You Mom!'