Gasoline prices are falling in South Dakota, at a rate AAA says is faster than what most other states are seeing.

The auto club says the statewide average today is $3.03, 11 cents lower than the rate of one week ago.

Getting the credit for the decline is a multi-month drop in crude oil prices.

AAA says West Texas intermediate crude is down to $77.19 a barrel, far below the high this year of more than $107 a barrel on June 20.

The national average is also falling, down to $2.93 a gallon, the lowest price in nearly four years and 77 cents lower than the 2014 high of $3.70 on April 28.

AAA says the Sioux Falls average is $2.855, down from $3.021 last week and also down from $2.918 a year ago.