Do you have Powerball fever yet?

Millions are expected to get it, in the run-up to the Wednesday night drawing, when the top prize could be up around a half billion dollars.

And the bigger prizes bring in even more ticket buyers.

An acquaintance who once worked at the South Dakota Lottery office used to get a kick out it when the big prizes started drawing more interest. Of course, in those days a $100 million jackpot was really a big deal.

Anyway, the minimum prize then was around $2 million, and if someone bought a ticket only when the jackpot got really big, my friend would say "What, isn't two million enough?"

I guess it isn't, but keep this in mind: you have a one in 175 million chance of taking home the jackpot.

So play responsibly and don't spend your life savings, unless you want to meet all those long-lost relatives and friends who would come out of the woodwork with their hand out.