Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a Colton man has been arrested in connection with the February 6th robbery of the Fireside Casino on Carolyn Avenue.

"A man walked into the casino around 7:30 in the morning. He had a knife with him and ended up getting cash. He then took the employee's car keys."

During the robbery, Clemens says the suspect hand cuffed the employee.

"One of the details we didn't release (for investigative reasons) was the man actually hand cuffed the woman to a pipe. Once the surveillance video was released, the manager and employee thought they recognized this person as a regular patron. They actually got hold of a relative who confirmed that they believe this was the same suspect."

Clemens says the information led authorities to the home of 44-year-old Chad Riedel of Colton where he was arrested.

"Detectives took the information and were able to get an arrest warrant for first degree robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle. He was arrested for some drug charges (from drugs that were found inside the apartment). He will be facing robbery charges as well."

Riedel makes his first court appearance on Friday.