Four young men in their late teens are charged after Sioux Falls police reportedly caught them early Thursday in the southern area of the city with items taken from vehicles.

Officer Sam Clemens says police received three reports around 2:30am from the 6400 block of South Santa Rosa Circle of young men checking car doors.

Clemens says callers gave reports of a car that might be connected, and an officer spotted the vehicle around 73rd and Tomar.

He says four young men were in the car, and one of them had a credit card that police learned had been taken from a car parked near Tomar and Libby Lane. That area was checked and an officer found a checkbook in the street, and the dome lights were on in at least three vehicles.

Clemens says the four--one 19-year-old and three 18-year-olds--were all charged with criminal entry of a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property, and one of the 18-year-olds was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, for four hydrocodone pills in his pocket.

He says so far, investigators don't know how many vehicles were illegally entered.