Every morning at 5:20, in the Main Street Cafe, we open up our "Big Book of Stuff" to see what special things are happening that particular day.  A few listeners have asked how they can find out ahead of time what the Big Book has listed.  Ask and ye shall receive.  A few of the highlights for tomorrow so you can plan accordingly:  Thursday August 23 is "Hotel Elevator Day" because the first hotel elevator opened on August 23rd, 1859 in New York City.  It was in a six-story building on Fifth Avenue.  It's also the birthday of Barbara Eden, born August 23rd, 1934.  (I've found over the years, I don't "Dream of Jeanie" like I used to.)  It's also "Les Nessman Day", marking the birth of actor Richard Sanders who played newsman Les Nessman on "WKRP in Cincinnati."  August 23rd, 1943 Life Magazine spotlighted a dance craze that was sweeping the country...the Lindy Hop.  Today we call it the Jitterbug.  (There's a great quiz question you can use tomorrow.)  August 23rd, 1966 the first photograph of Earth from the Moon was taken by Lunar Orbiter One.  The spacecraft was designed primarily to photograph smooth areas of the lunar surface to find safe landing sites for the Apollo missions.  It's also "Permanent Press Day," a day to proudly to wear polyester and keep the iron unplugged.  And it's "Spongecake Day," "Hug Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Day," and "International Disturbed People's Day."  You're suppose to send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend; just as I've done...(GOT YA!)  Have a GREAT day.