While at a police briefing in Sioux Falls, Police Information Officer Sam Clemens talked about the arrests of local residents for manufacturing meth in their home.  The very next day, I was visiting with Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services about the highly addictive stimulant that a person can smoke, snort, inject, take orally or inhale.

No doubt about it!  Darcy says meth is the hot drug right now in our community.

"We have definitely seen an upsurge in meth use.  With all the changes in laws several years ago, we saw meth use drop.   Unfortunately, there is now an uptick in the use and manufacture of the drug.  Meth is still in the Sioux Falls area.  In fact, we had the most meth busts of any other county in the state."

So, why is meth so attractive to young people and adults?

"I've heard from many meth users that once they tried the drug, there was such an intense high in the beginning.  They are constantly seeking that high again.  But, they're chasing a high they will never experience again.  So they use more and more---the meth actually changes brain chemistry," said Jensen.

The good news is this: there are many resources in Sioux Falls for people addicted  to meth.

"Prairie View Prevention Services is more than willing to talk to parents and kids.  Give us a call at 605 331-5724.  If you're in one of our local schools, you can certainly talk to one of our counselors," added Jensen.