A Sioux Falls city official says the response this year to Projects NICE and KEEP was very good.

The projects let residents in designated areas set unwanted items at the curb, where they are collected by city crews.

And Public Health Manager LuAnn Ford says the response was good, from residents and volunteers from the city.

Ford says the three crews removed 757 loads of rubble, nine loads of tires, four loads of appliances, three loads of yard waste and 62 loads of wood waste, for a total of 825 truckloads.

She says the rubble goes to the landfill and the other items are recycled.

Ford says the 825 truckloads amounted to nearly 12-hundred-60 tons of waste, or about twice the tonnage removed in 2012.

Projects NICE & KEEP has to be canceled in 2013 because the city resources were shifted to "Operation Timber Strike," the city's response to the April ice storm.