PIERRE - The South Dakota Legislature is taking up a package of bills addressing open government. The Open Government Task Force has presented the proposed legislation, and some of it involves exempting three-member boards from open meeting laws.

But I may have to raise a hand on this one.

Sure, the law dealing with meetings can be burdensome, but it just seems to me that any opening up of government is good for the citizens and good for the State.

I know there are some aspects of government that, after careful consideration, should be kept under wraps, and this is the kind of thing that is easily abused. But the underlyiing issue is that government belongs to the people.

It does not belong to those in power. If it did, we would not have elections and representative democracy. The peaceful transfer of power is far better than the transfer at the point of a gun.

Are you following what the Legislature is doing? You should be, and you can, by the use of your computer and paying attention to coverage in media.

And we should all be in favor of keeping government open.