The Associated Press story below from Aug. 28, doesn't seem to fit with the official line from the state, "we are tough on drunk drivers."

Shouldn't we be following the old adage "The first time shame on you. The second time shame on me?"

I think it is past time for the legislature to take another look at this issue.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (AP) - A Rapid City man has been convicted of drunken driving for the 16th time.

Sixty-year-old Robert Groethe was accused of driving drunk and hitting a parked car outside a Rapid City casino on June 19. He received a two-year prison sentence earlier this month.

Prosecutor Sarah Morrison tells the Rapid City Journal Groethe has a 35-year record of drinking and driving and is a danger to the community. She says he has been arrested 19 times and that 11 of his 16 convictions have been felony offenses.

Groethe pleaded guilty to the latest DUI charge. Authorities dropped a charge of driving with a revoked license. Morrison says the two-year prison term was the longest allowed under state law. Groethe will be eligible for parole in less than a year.