The Presidential debates are now over. The just completed one on foreign policy was civilized, although at times I thought the President was a little testy.

In my opinion neither candidate made a huge diplomatic mistake. Not expecting any attacks from foreign countries, or announcements ending relations with America. On this subject, the President, with four years of experience, should have a clear advantage over his opponent. I thought Mitt Romney held his own, and offered some alternatives which were not hawkish. The President, while comfortable with the topic, seemed to be talking in endless diplomat ease.  i.e.  lots of words without much new substance.

When the topic came back to America, the President again made it sound as if the ending of our military involvements in the Middle East will somehow free up money for "nation building in America." It won't. All the money used in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, is borrowed money. There is no money to free up.

Mitt Romney talked about his five point plan to build up our economy. It sounds rational and plausible to me, although critics say the math doesn't add up.

Here is my assessment. Neither man scored a knockout. Neither man made a huge mistake. President Obama, as the incumbent, and therefore the most experienced on foreign policy of the two, should have won. He didn't. He tied. Governor Romney sounded confident, didn't stumble, and didn't interrupt.

During the closing statements, the President came across as almost tired. Gov. Romney came across as enthusiastic and optimistic.

South Dakotans will probably vote for Mitt Romney in droves. My one vote for Romney won't matter here or in the nation. Therefore, since I am disappointed in both parties for taking us to the brink of bankruptcy, with no hope of a significant change anytime soon, I am voting for the Libertarian candidate, former Gov. of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.