Guess what?  I got flipped off in traffic this week.  Cool, huh?

How it all went down is I slowed down to 15 mph while driving through a school zone, but there weren't any kids outside at the time.  It was around 12:45 in the afternoon.  I've always been under the impression that the phrase "while kids are present" meant from the time the kids were dropped off in the morning to when they're being picked up in the afternoon.

Apparently, that's not entirely true.  I checked with a policeman friend of mine and he told me that you only need to slow down if a child is outside.  He also told me that, technically, the 15 mph rule still applies during the summer months if you see kids on the school playground.  Even though the kids are on summer break, you're still suppose to slow down when driving by.

So, I guess I owe "Mr. Middle Finger" an apology.  In addition to chewing you out under my breath, I also gave you the "evil eye" while looking in my rear view mirror.  You may not have see it, but it was there...and it was directed at you buddy.  So... sorry.

But from here on out, let it be know that you flip me off in traffic and there will be a price to pay... you'll get the "stink eye."  Oh yes you will!