First off, Barack Obama is back on his game.  Second, Candy Crowley needs to be more forceful with the rules. Finally, Mitt Romney certainly wasn't as good as the first debate and could be described as mediocre.

That's the shorthand edition of the "Blame Game" which passes for a Presidential Debate.  The President was confident and stuck to his principles.  He defended his record such as it was.  Some of his points struck home especially criticism about Mitt Romney's economic plan where the numbers didn't add up.  However, Obama flat out lied when the bombing of our embassy topic was broached.  The timeline starts when Obama first identified a video and a spontaneous demonstration as the culprit last month when the news first hit.  Then Obama blamed terrorists in the Rose Garden the day after the event.  Then went to the U.N. and blamed the video.  Mr. President, someone in your administration was tipped off to the nature of this threat and you failed to give the people protecting the ambassador more support in the days leading up to the attack.  How did the attackers know where the safe house was?  I'm waiting Mr. President.  It is offensive to me that you feel that being questioned about this is offensive to you.

Then Romney fell flat in his chance to pounce on the chicanery that is running rampant in the State Department. It's almost an even higher crime that Romney was so flat-footed.  Maybe he was sucked dry by the massive untruth.  Also knowing that the President was mentored by a Communist, it's laughable that he actually praised free enterprise.

The Governor was uneven in this spectacle.  Good about stating the dismal record of his opponent, but failing to shine with his own ideas.  Plus he thought he had to push the envelope as far as he could to get to all of the talking points.  Fortunately there was a moderator to hold Romney accountable.  Romney was quite a bit more polite to his rival.  The President did pull a couple of "Bidens" along the way.

Ms. Crowley, you don't get off easy here.  The President got quite a bit more slack when time was involved.  Mr. Obama did stay on topic better but seemingly got way more time to bloviate while the Governor was cut off.  That actually was a good thing for Romney as the longer he went on the worse it got.  Jim Lehrer she was not, but only marginally better.

Well, phooey.  Now I have to tune in on Monday to watch again.  Though if we put our trust in one man to lead this country no matter who it is, the United States of America will end up on the dung heap of societies.  Look in the mirror.  That's who is going to do the work.  Look to the heavens.  That's who is going to save us if it is His will.