For the past week or so, the official website for O-Town has been counting down to some sort of big announcement.

And now we know. O-Town is back together!

As far as I know, this is not an April Fool's Joke and this is totally happening for real!

However, any true boy band fan noticed one big thing was missing.  The fifth member, Ashley Parker Angel.

So far no reason has been given as to why he did not join the guys in their reunion, but I guess he is pursuing other opportunities.

All the video promises is new music and new tour.  No specifics were given.

Reunions have been going pretty well for their boy band brethren like New Kids On The Block and 98 Degrees. Let's hope the same magic can happen for O-Town's reunion.

Just for a trip down memory lane, here is my favorite O-Town song! 'We Fit Together'

Alright, one more! This song was off of their second album that pretty much bombed, but I always liked this song.  It is called 'These Are The Days.'