I came across an Associated Press story that happened in one of our neighbor states - not in our area, but this one bears repeating.

Seems somebody had been slashing tires in Waterloo, a city in eastern Iowa. Sure, slashing tires is nothing new, and if the tires are yours, it goes beyond maddening.

In fact, I can remember being told about a guy who had been dumped by his girlfriend, and when she went out with another guy, they came out of a movie and found his tires had been slashed. No names here, but it wasn't a nice thing to do, even in the early 1960s.

But in Waterloo, a guy's tires were slashed, and one of the three eventual suspects turned out to be his ex-girlfriend. But one clue really gave the whole thing away.

The vehicle owner found a fingertip at the scene.


And guess what? It belonged to one of the alleged perps. Joseph Horak, come on down. It seems he had gone to a hospital emergency room to have his cut pinkie treated.

If there's a moral to this, it's probably that you shouldn't slash tires. But if you do (and we don't recommend this!), at least know what you're doing.