Petitions are being circulated in Sioux Falls to mandate the use of snowgates. I am not going to sign a petition, and if a vote is held, I will vote "no."

City staff is prudently researching the cost efficiency of snowgate use. The research is not yet complete. I may "think"  they are a good idea, because I don't like cleaning out my driveway after the plows have come thru. However, the higher cost, extra time, and maintenance of the additional equipment may not be worth it.   

Our federal government is broke because they continue to make  promises we can no longer  afford to keep. As local taxpayers, it doesn't make sense to mandate a service(raise taxes), just because we  are tired of shoveling snow. 

We elect a  mayor and eight council members to make policy and daily administrative decisions on our behalf. If the mayor wants snowgates, he can put them in the budget. If the council wants snowgates, they can add them to the budget. 

Should we have public votes on the type of technology the city uses? Equipment on fire trucks, or in police cars? How often the grass in the park is mowed?

It doesn't make sense for us,  "sidewalk(driveway) superintendents," to direct or micromanage snow plowing operations.