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The National Football League is reported to be awarding more than $1.5 million in grants to fifteen organizations for medical research, with the bulk of the money earmarked for the study f preventing and treating concussions.

Now spreading that amount of money to fifteen organizations amounts to around $100,000 each, and while it's easy to say that's not enough, we all know it's not the only funding these organizations, mostly institutions of higher learning, will receive.

By all accounts, concussions and their effects need some serious study.

We're long past the days when we would have just said "Wow, he really got his bell rung that time!" or some such thing.

Much of what we read these days stresses the effects not only of a concussion, but the cumulative effects of multiple concussions.

I've heard and read of many cases where a former football player has become a shell of his former self, with health and memory problems at an age when he should be enjoying his post-football years and moving into a different career.

Maybe the research being funded here can lead to better methods of prevention and treatment. We can only hope so.