Street construction season continues in Sioux Falls with only a few months to go before winter.  

Principal Traffic Engineer for the city Heath Hoftiezer will give us the breakdown on what’s happening with the current projects and a peek at the future plans for Sioux Falls.  He will arrive about 4:15pm CT.

Plus there’s that little strip of property between the sidewalk and the street that needs some definition and rules to govern what can go there.  It’s called the right-of-way and the city has control over what happens in that space.  Theresa Stehly comes at it from the property owner perspective and we will get her views today at 5pm CT.

Then at 6pm CT let your patriotic pride show as we talk with world-renowned band director and Sousa scholar Keith Brion as he directs a special concert with the Sioux Falls Municipal Band on Sunday, July 27, 8 p.m. at the Terrace Park band shell.