I got a lot of good responses earlier today to a Facebook posting about TV dinners.

Today is National "TV Dinner Day," and I posted how TV dinners were a big thing when I was growing up.

That was the only time Mom would let us eat in the living room, in front of the television.

Here are some of the responses I've gotten so far.  Feel free to add your own.

  • Chad McKenzie One other thing...why was there always one chunk of carrot in my apple cobbler? Do you suppose it was something the factory workers would do on purpose just for fun?
  • Carol Wold My favorite was the meatloaf, potatoes and corn. I never had a chunk of carrot in my cobbler....very strange!!

  • Wild Bill Palanuk I like MTV Dinners....Fleetwood Macaroni with ZZ Topping and John Cougar Melon Balls.

  • Gloria Kannas I loved the chicken. Still do. When hubby is on the road and I don't feel like cooking for myself....banquet chicken dinner for me...crispy chicken.

  • Tom Gunlicks I ate em, not a fond memory for me. Favorites....can't say that I can say I had a 'favorite'.

  • Cindy Bahe Geez were you adopted in our family? We did the exact same thing. It was such a treat to sit on the floor and graze on the chicken and apple cobbler thing served in a divided aluminum tray on a snack table. Now everyone calls it eating behind the wheel.

  • William Kunstle Swanson's fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. As I remember the chicken wasn't bad but the mashed potatoes and corn had a strange aftertaste,

  • Shannon Anderson Boll Kotila LOL - Made me smile Chad....because I have the same exact memory.

  • Sandy Lange I just threw up a little in my mouth......