I am stunned.

As we anxiously await the next 'Friends of the Bob and Tom Show Comedy Tour' show in Sioux Falls April 25th, comes word Thursday morning that one of the stars of last year's show, Tim Wilson, was died of an apparent heart attack at the age of 52.

Bob and Tom Show regulars know Tim for a wide variety of classic bits, whether it was the latest hilarious song he'd written, him relaying another chat with his 'Uncle B.S.', or his very, very passionate political views, Tim was never at a loss for words and we never stopped laughing - until now.

Tim Wilson Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

I had the good fortune of getting to talk with Tim in the days leading up to last year's Sioux Falls show and meeting him at the show that night.  I found him to be as kind a man off the stage as he was funny and insightful on the stage.

Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Tim last Spring.

On visiting South Dakota:

On Being from the South:

On Writing Comedy Songs:

RIP Tim.

Check out one of Tim Wilson's classic songs from The Bob & Tom Show: