With Mayor Huether's term coming to a close, I have some ideas on what he might want to consider doing once he leaves office - outside of holding another public office.

Having gone to college with Mike at SDSU back in the early 80s, I think I kind of have a pretty good idea of what sort of things he might be interested in doing - and good at.

For example:

Given the fact Mike grew up in the Yankton area, I can SO see him and his wife Cindy buying a fifth-wheel and being campground hosts at Lewis & Clark State Park.

During his time in office he spent much of it figuring out solutions to problems. So when does someone need a campground host? When they have a problem of course.

I can also see Mike and Cindy signing up to be information hosts at the Valley Springs Rest Area on Interstate-90, just this side of the Minnesota border.

Can you think of anyone better to bend the ear of motorists headed to the Black Hills? If anyone can convince them to pull off the road and pay Sioux Falls a visit, he's the guy.

Then again he would also be great as a Lyft driver. Where you would want him is picking up travelers at the airport. Again, the guy knows his city.

Another area where I could see him excelling is as a professional tour guide. Him and Cindy could buy the downtown trolley from whoever owns it these days and give tours.

Think how nice it would be to see the trolley traveling all around Sioux Falls rather than just up and down Phillips Avenue in downtown, to and from Falls Park.

Maybe someday he could even expand the business into a limo service. I can just see him now, wearing a little fedora picking up high school couples to go to prom.

In all seriousness, I would like to wish Mike and his wife Cindy the best in their future endeavors. I hope they have a chance to sit back and reflect on their years in office.

Whether you like him as mayor or not, say what you will, but the guy truly does have a burning passion for this little city we all call home - and for that I thank him.

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