President Donald Trump's speech to Congress and America tonight will be worth watching. Even if you don't like him, you should observe how he speaks directly to the legislative branch of government and us.

No tweets. No executive orders. Tonight he will talk budget. Increases in military spending and decreases in many other areas. He will no doubt talk tax cuts and infrastructure plans.

How will he do in front of the entire Congress and the American People? Will he stay focused? IE read from his prepared speech, or will he go off on side issues, like his dislike of the media , or the investigation of the Russian influence on the last election?

This interaction will be very important. It will tell us where he really wants to take us, and how he plans to get us there. Foreign leaders will be very interested in what he says and doesn't say.

Members of both parties in Congress will be paying attention to his words and his style/method of delivery.

The media will report of the substance of his speech. They will also search for conflicting statements, fabrications, lies, and report of what they find.

You and I will be able to observe our leader on the biggest stage the President has, in front of our 535 elected representatives with a national and international audience.

His words, his tone,  his posture, and his facial expressions will be analyzed by all of us.

Will his words lift us up, excite us to the possibilities, or will his words further alienate us from our government and especially him?

Tonight is an important night for America. Let's watch it.