It's worth noting that I bought gas this morning for less than $2.30 a gallon, and I have to admit I don't remember prices being that low for a long time.

In fact, as I'm writing this, prices at the pump are that low throughout Sioux Falls.

Now I've said before that I always notice prices as I drive past gas stations.

AAA-South Dakota says the statewide average today is just over $2.73, and a year ago in Sioux Falls we were paying just over $3 a gallon.

As consumers, we have to like the prices we're paying now. And I know, if you represent an oil company they aren't such a good deal. And crude oil prices might go up again, just as they have been going down.

But I'm not going to be the wet blanket here. I'm a consumer, and as a borderline, um, Senior Citizen, I'm going to enjoy the low prices while we have them.

And once they start to go up again, whenever that is, these will be the Good Old Days.