A progressive advocacy group has targeted Gov. Dennis Daugaard for failing to support expanded Medicaid coverage in South Dakota.

Anna Galland from MoveOn.org sent a 670 word email to South Dakota MoveOn subscribers and supporters this afternoon (Wednesday).

The email begins, “25,480 South Dakota residents are being denied health care coverage because South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard is refusing to expand Medicaid.”

MoveOn’s email said Gov. Daugaard had indicated he might consider expanding Medicaid, but then noted:

“But lately, he's been trying to exclude certain folks who'd normally qualify for coverage. Every day that the governor delays reaching an agreement with the Obama administration, 25,480 South Dakotans are forced to go without affordable, quality health care.”

The email also contained eight footnotes citing to Daugaard’s speeches and other sources.

MoveOn suggests that Daugaard opposes Medicaid expansion “out of spite” and the Governor is politically vulnerable because of the issue.

“Refusing Medicaid funding could prove to be a big political liability for Governor Daugaard. Medicaid expansion is a very popular idea nationwide — and not just in blue states. Last year, eight Republican governors succumbed to political pressure and accepted the funds. We can flip Governor Daugaard too, if we keep the pressure building.”

The email also asks recipients toward the end of the letter, “Can you pitch in and help 25,480 folks in South Dakota get access to the quality, affordable health care that they deserve?”