I heard a story in the news this morning about the National Spelling Bee getting underway today, and that in turn got me thinking about something.  Has anyone else besides me noticed all the misspelled words on the reader boards around town?

And it's not just reader boards but also billboards, emails, Facebook postings, Twitter, websites...you get the idea, it's everywhere.

I realize every now and then a mistake is going to happen, we're all human, but come on!  Doesn't anyone own a dictionary?

In all honesty, I blame spell check.  We've all, and I have to include myself, become so dependent on that nice little convenience on our computers, tablets and phones that we've apparently forgotten how to actually spell words; or at the very least check our work.

I have to say though that my biggest pet peeve is when you see a message up on a reader board and one of the letters is backwards...OMG!!!  That I chalk up to either stupidity or laziness!

So, for those of you in charge of putting up the messages on your business' reader board, please take the time to double check your work to make sure all the words are spelled correctly.  At the very least - if you don't know, ask someone!