The new year brings the same challenges in governing at the County level.  Minnehaha County Commissioner Dick Kelly recognizes the struggle of limited ability to be able to fund the programs that are necessary to the operation of the county.

Although with public safety reforms coming from Governor Dennis Daugaard, Kelly recognizes that the changes will help.  There will be a need for continued vigilance by the Commission and Department heads to be frugal.  Funding operations at the county level continues as if trying to balance on a razor blade.

Dick Kelly Explains Funding Challenges At The County Level

Since the Minnehaha County Courthouse is a beacon for citizens to conduct business, it is a prime place for petition drive organizers to gather signatures.  However, the issue of congestion and impeding traffic going into and out of the west doors of the building has become a sore spot.  Kelly found that after the most recent election cycle there is a need to confront the situation and get public input on how to best serve the public.  Kelly feels there is time to gather information and surmise a solution.  For if the process doesn’t start now then when the eventual conflict returns, everyone will be back at square one.

Commissioner Kelly Spurs Discussion On Petition Gatherers

Numerous solutions are being considered, however Minnehaha County is still encouraging further discussion regarding the gathering of petition signatures at the Courthouse.