The video above is a good example of what folks thought when they had the misfortune of tuning into Miley Cyrus's "Interesting" performance on the Video Music Awards show Sunday night.  (You can see the video by scrolling down in this post)

We asked people in the Sioux Falls area what they thought of her antics.  We had lots of responses.  Many of the comments went something like: "What the #$*! was that?"

Here are some of the actual comments:

Miley Cyrus VMA Response 1
Miley Cyrus VMA Response 2
Miley Cyrus VMA Response 3
Miley Cyrus VMA Response 4
Miley Cyrus VMA Response 5
Miley Cyrus VMA Response 6

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Miley Cyrus-Robin Thicke youtube


What is it that Miley was trying to prove with Sunday nights VMA 2013 performance?  I mean we all get it Miley, you are not Hanna Montana any more.  I mean we really get it, you have a tongue and a butt.  But is this Pole Dancer / Street Walker thing really gonna work for ya?

While I was watching her "Performance" with the big bears and Robin Thicke I didn't know if I was suppose to throw dollar bills at the TV or after watching it should I whisper a prayer for forgiveness?

Below you'll see some of the comments that people are sharing on-line.  Go ahead and carefully peek at the video then take a shower and let us know what you think.  Is Miley taking the Lonely Lindsay Lohan bus to career ending Twerkertown?     

Miley Cyrus Comments youtube
Miley Cyrus Comments youtube