So I'm getting things ready for Tuesday's Mainstreet Cafe and I notice it's "National Curmudgeons Day."  So I decide to go to the Internet to get the official definition.

Curmudgeon is defined as:  A crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man.

Most people would've stopped right there, but not me.

It was shortly after that I stumbled across a website that asked, "Why are you searching for the definition to the word Curmudgeon?"

Here were some of the answers given by others who visited this particular page:

  • Charlie - because my wife is a curmudgeon and I want to see if Webster's says it's gender neutral or if I should call her a curmudgeoness.
  • Margie - Because my son is a jackass and will be a curmudgeon when he gets old.
  • Jimmy - Cuz I are one.
  • Bobbie - My husband just had knee surgery and I told him he was being a curmudgeon and he said there was no such word! He is truly turning into a curmudgeon as he gets older!
  • Julie - because I've discovered that I married one.
  • George - I play tennis an old friend who glares at me if I miss a shot at tennis, in all fairness he is an excellent player but qualifies fully as a curmudgeon because of his tennis attitude.
  • Byron - Because some silly girl used this word on me once.
  • Patty - I am residing with it. ac ck!
  • Kathy - Someone called my hubby one.  I think I'll go beat her up.
  • Le Var - I'm slipping into this. The youth bother me so much.
  • Charlotte - Because my cousin's new husband is one of the highest order.
  • Glenn - The grumpy old men sitting around my bar were arguing about what the word meant. It was the only way to shut them up. So they found something else to argue about.

Nothing beats real life - sometimes you just have to look for the humor in it!