Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether visited Viewpoint University on KSOO monday. Much of the discussion centered around the new proposal to move the BNSF switchyard out of downtown, creating approx. 10+ acres of development opportunities for private business. The project had languished the past couple of years due, in many people's opinion, to lax activity and follow thru on the part of the city. New life was breathed into the project when the BNSF brought forth a proposal for the city to buy the switchyard. The BNSF would move switching capabilities to other existing yards in other cities. The city would be required to pay not just for the land, but for the "additional costs" of operation for the railroad. No dollar amount for the purchase or additional operations costs have been determined. The city was given $40m in federal money several years ago to move the yard to a different location. Lately, federal elected officials and state and federal bureaucrats stated the city might lose all the money if substantial progress is not quickly made. With the new idea from the railroad, Mayor Huether voiced confidence the city is in a much better position to hold the federal money while details are worked out with the railroad. He stated he expects something to be worked out within 30 to 60 days. Keep listening to Viewpoint University on KSOO for continuing new information on this project.  Rick Knobe