Sioux Falls Police responded to a massive bar brawl at Big's Sports Bar early Friday morning which found an estimated 50-100 people involved at a rap concert by Florida's "Two Pistols".

When police arrived on scene, the fight had sprawled from inside the bar to the parking lot. The bar had security on site but were quickly overwhelmed by the amount of people involved in the fight.

Once police arrived around 1am, they were able to quickly end the fight. Two people were given medical treatment after being hit with beer bottles. One man received 19 stitches to the back of his head while a woman suffered a large cut to her forehead.

Three arrests were made. 35-year old Marcus Allen Vaughn and 41-year old Frederick Green were charged with disorderly conduct after pushing an officer. 34-year old Daniel Laruse Harbor, Jr. was also charged with disorderly conduct because he had been asked to leave the bar several times and refused. Police also found marijuana and paraphernalia on him at the jail, so he was charged with possession as well.