A Texas man is in jail after he staged his own kidnapping in order to go hang out with his buddies. According to police, 34-year-old Rogelio Andaverde was sitting at home with his wife when two men with guns burst into the house and abducted him.

His terrified wife called police, who conducted a large manhunt with dozens of cops and a helicopter. Two days later, Rogelio returned home and explained that his captors showed mercy and let him leave. Police didn't buy it, and after questioning him, they got the truth. He staged the abduction so that he could hang out and party with his friends.

He's charged with misdemeanor false report to a police officer. If that's what he was willing to do to get away from wife for a couple of days then he's probably safer in jail than at home.

Dude, next time try "Honey, do we have anything going Thursday night? I'm going to go have a couple beers and some wings with the guys."