Today is officially “Bacon Day” so we celebrate the pork product.  The bacon that Americans add to a lettuce and tomato sandwich is markedly different than the bacon that the rest of the world eats.  (See Canadian Bacon)

In a sandwich is one of the most popular ways to consume bacon or on the side with eggs or pancakes for breakfast.  The filet mignon is another delectable example by which the bacon surrounds a different cut of meat as both are cooked together.  Salads and soups can also be a haven for bacon.

Adventurous folks are using bacon’s salty flavor to change the way desserts are viewed.  Bacon has been added to cakes, puddings, candy, brownies, donuts and peanut brittle.

One of the by-products of the bacon cooking process is the resultant fat which is an excellent cooking oil.  Substituting bacon grease to sauté eggs, potatoes, onions and other items expands the flavor capacity of numerous dishes.

Wordplay also enters the picture and bacon appears in numerous phrases or idioms.  “Makin’ bacon.  Save my bacon.  Bring home the bacon.”

Of course the most famous Bacons are Renaissance author Sir Francis Bacon and actor Kevin Bacon.  Get to shakin’ and get you some bacon.