Wednesday is reserved for outrage on KSOO’s Viewpoint University.  One listener used the platform to unload on the current South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant.

The issue at hand is the Four Directions organization who advocates for Native American voting rights.  Federal money from the Help America Vote Act would assist in developing three early voting stations in Fort Thompson, Eagle Butte and Wanblee.  In no uncertain terms, Student John charges that Gant lied to the elections board about the ability to spend money for the voting stations by sending the responsibility for fund distribution to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.  The aforementioned commission does not have a quorum. Student John asserts that Gant knew by delegating the decision to the federal level, the request would die.

Later in the conversation, Student John felt that politics is playing a part in this as well.  The reservations traditionally vote Democrat and Student John feels that Gant is acutely aware that helping setting up these early voting stations would hurt the Republican cause.

Student John Is Disgusted With Secretary of State Gant