There have been some months of near or full compliance with the Sioux Falls Police Department conducting spot checks with the sale of alcohol to minors.  The latest check was less than sparkling.

Of 26 off-sale alcohol establishments within the Sioux Falls city limits, 4 made a sale to a person under the age of 21. The businesses that made sales were:  Kings Mart at 3725 North Cliff Avenue, Gas and Deals at 1329 North Main Avenue, Pump ʼN Pak at 3700 North Potsdam Avenue and the Gas Stop at 3900 North Cliff Avenue.

The clerks that sold to a minor were issued a citation for furnishing alcohol to a person 18–20 years old with a mandatory court appearance required.  Businesses making sales to underage persons may face fines, suspensions, or loss of their malt beverage licenses.  Especially judging by this latest dragnet, the Sioux Falls Police Department has stated that random alcohol compliance checks of all off-sale establishments within the city limits will continue.