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It can be treated, but ovarian cancer is one of the toughest diseases for bouncing back.  Avera McKennan held a workshop this week to give hope to women.  Laura Clark Hansen who is a survivor and does a one-person show entitled “Please Send Hats” was the featured speaker at the event.

Sioux Falls has a program through Community Development that helps those who need a boost with securing the funds necessary to make a down payment.  The program hasn’t been utilized very well and Al Roettger and Darrin Smith are the ones in charge of making changes if necessary.

Darrin Smith Details Some Pitfalls With Affordable Housing

Tom Bosch stopped by to trumpet the Sioux Empire United Way fundraising kickoff that is now underway.  The unofficial goal is to surpass $10 million in the drive.  However the stated goal of $9.87 million is still plenty ambitious.

Tim Rave is the new Majority Leader in the South Dakota Senate and is honored by the respect given him by his peers.  He assumes the title after former Majority Leader Russell Olson of Wentworth resigned from the Legislature to focus on his full-time job.  Rave was also had a hand in the Medicaid Summer Study group and characterized it as one of the most fulfilling tasks he has had in public service.

Rave Was Blessed to Be a Part of Medicaid Task Force

The rest of the guest list included Fran Rice who is the Executive Director of Health Connect.  She promoted a youth event for the Tobacco Free Coalition.  Chuck Albrecht, a Vietnam veteran touted the “Stand Down” event next Friday for homeless veterans.  Finally the effervescent Jolene Loetscher gave a heads up about her second annual Selfspiration event which is for 12-18 year old girls who are victims of sexual abuse.  A day which uplifts the spirits  young ladies who have been through a dark time.

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