1140 KSOO brings you a new lineup beginning Monday, June 19th with more live hours of broadcast programs than ever before.

Chad McKenzie and Beth Warden will continue starting your day at 5:00 AM with The Main Street Cafe.


  • Brian Kilmeade & Friends


    Brian Kilmeade is a weekday host on Fox News Fox and Friends. He then takes a few flights of stairs for radio. Kilmeade engages listeners with the major political stories of the today, pop culture, sports and entertainment.

  • Chris Plante


    The Chris Plante Show offers the inside word on the day’s top news stories with razor-sharp insight and a unique sense of humor. His knowledge and experience along with a gift for storytelling combine to create one of the most fast-paced, entertaining programs on the radio today.

  • The Dana Show


    Dana Loesch is the Conservative Alternative. Dana was ranked as one of the top 16 most powerful mothers online by Nielsen. She is also a national spokesperson for the NRA.

  • The Patrick Lalley Show


    The Patrick Lalley Show will expand from politics to topics that are of local interest. Lifestyle, entertainment, music, sports. What the people of Sioux Falls are talking about and involved in. Dan Peters will continue as afternoon producer and screener.

  • Buck Sexton


    Buck Sexton is one of the newest and youngest talkers in the country with America Now. Buck is a political commentator and national security analyst making frequent appearances on the Fox News Channel and CNN.