One thing is certain: Kristi Lee from the Bob and Tom Show is your hostess for the 'Friends of the Bob and Tom Show' Comedy Tour event at Washington Pavilion Friday night.

What remains a mystery is whether or not Kristi has been to Sioux Falls before.  I was told it was going to be her first visit, she insists (kinda) that she's been here before:

Whether she's a Sioux Falls virgin or not, she is sharing the stage with Costaki Economopolus, Drew Hastings, and Jimmy Pardo Friday night.

Kristi is the second member of the Bob and Tom Show to emcee a show at the Pavilion in the last year.  Chick McGee was the host of last Spring's event in a style that can best be described as 'combative'.  Kristi told me her approach will be quite different:

Kristi's path to radio started back in her high school days in Indianapolis, where she happened to attend a school that had its own radio station, and unbeknownst to her at the time, she found her calling in life:

She's been a mainstay on the Bob and Tom Show since the 1980's, first as a local show, and since 1989 as a nationally syndicated show. She says she did not think of this as a long time gig when she took it:

Kristi, like a lot of 'radio folk', adopted an entirely new persona for her job, including a stage name.  That lends itself to some privacy, but over the years, Kristi's personal life has been fodder for quite a bit of material from her co-workers.  I asked her if there was a line between her public and private lives on the air:

Kristi has two daughters, 12 and 16, and I asked her if they had any aspirations to follow in Mom's footsteps:

One of the things that Kristi has done so well over the years if make herself relatable to her audience.  That means people like me - and no doubt you - feel like we know her even though we've never met.  For me, it's a series of things about her life I can relate to: