SIOUX FALLS - When email first began, it was exciting. You could get a message from a friend or relative instantly. It renewed the great feeling of getting a real letter out of the mail box.

But my email box has become the same as my end-of–the-driveway mail box, full of nothing but junk mail.

I’m mostly to blame for this. I signed up for Deals and Groupon, Macy’s, Kmart, Kohl’s and Target ads hoping to get some fantastic deals on stuff that I probably don’t need. But what’s most disappointing is the barrage of “weight-loss” products that continue to show up in my email box.

Every day I get offers for weight loss pills, powders, drinks, exercise equipment and don’t forget the “hot, women’s work out tank tops.”

These make me laugh. If I ever decide to work out, the last thing I need is a hot, tank top. Sell me a sloppy, over-sized t-shirt that makes me look like I lost 20 pounds. That would be a better marketing tool.

In the same “deals” I’m being offered discounted restaurant coupons… so am I overweight in need of a body make over or should I heed their advice and go out for a discounted meal?

Either way apparently my teeth are bad, too. Nearly every day I get an offer for teeth repair and whitening.

I think the best thing to do is unsubscribe to all of these sites, walk out to my mailbox, retrieve the junk then proceed directly to my recycling bin.

I will have gotten some exercise and uncluttered the junk in my life at the same time.