Looking back on this day in music history, something happened that had never occurred before. Before we point out what it was, let me say a few words.

Getting a number one hit as a country music artist is something that most will only dream of. Having that very same song also go number one on the pop charts now means you're big.

There have been a select group of artists who have experienced such a thing. It is certainly an honor indeed.

But, what about having an entire album go number one in country as well as number one on the pop album chart? Now that is huge! In my book, that is as high as you can go.

It never happened until this day in 1964. The album was 'Ring Of Fire' by the legendary Johnny Cash.

It appealed to all, oh' yes it did! And it still does. My son of three loves the title track yet today.

The 'Man In Black' is a member of both the country music and rock and roll halls of fame.