Saying it almost feels like going to college, a newly elected Representative will soon make the jump from serving in City Government to State Government.

Former Sioux Falls City Councilor and Mayoral candidate Greg Jamison says campaigning wasn’t much different although conversations with voters in District 12 tended to veer toward the top of the ticket.

“It really was similar to a Council race or a Mayoral race, going door-to-door talking about whatever the person at the home wants to talk about. In this case it was a little bit different because a lot of conversations I had always reverted back to the Presidential race.”

One difference that Jamison anticipates is the amount of idea sharing that happened locally will be decreased in Pierre.

“At the City Council level, we had open discussion at our 4:00 PM meetings every Tuesday. A topic would come up and another Councilor would say, ‘Yeah. That’s an issue we need to address.’ Eventually the issue would be sent to a committee where it would be discussed. The Council would then address it and the problem gets fixed.”

Jamison hopes to land a spot on the Local Government Committee to utilize his expertise to help City, County and State government work together.

The Legislators will gather in Pierre on Tuesday, December 6 for the Governor’s Budget Address.

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