I was thumbing through my Facebook feed last night and photos of Jake Owen start showing up.  Quite a few of them.  After I look a little closer, I see that Jake was actually in Sioux Falls Last night.  Check out this e-mail from Kayla.

So, I'm working on homework at my best friends house while waiting to have a "family" dinner, when my other best friend texts me about a possible Jake Owen sighting. Of course, I went to twitter to see if Jake posted any hints about being here and lone behold, he replied to my friend with his whereabouts!

He was drinking some beer and eating some wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Little did we know, we were only half a mile away from him! We went to go say hi to him and were fortunate to have our pictures taken!

I asked if he was in the area visiting his dad and he said that he wasn't, and thanked me for asking. I told him that I read the story about his dad after our local radio station (you being the local radio station) posted it! He said that his dad is now CANCER FREE and doing a lot better.

After talking with Jake, we got to meet his wife and daughter as well! It was quite the exciting evening! We also got to talk to him about some of the shows we had all been to and he told us its nuts that we are willing to drive so far to see him!

If people have ever seen Jake Owen in concert, they would understand why! Jake is one of the most personable and genuine people I have met! Anyway, just wanted to take the time to tell you who was hanging around KIKN country :)

Pretty cool what happens when you keep your ears and eyes open. Oh, and it doesn't hurt if you have 'hard core' country fans for friends too.

Thanks for the e-mail Kayla. Sounds like it was a fun night!

So, what WAS Jake Owen doing in Sioux Falls Sunday Night?  Janelle told us:

Jake is the best! He always loves hanging out with his fans. He remembers Brittany Utley & I as we have seen him so many times. Even Jake’s wife, Lacey, remembered us! Lacey came up and gave me a hug and said “I saw you walk in and I knew I had met you before.” Such a cute little family. They had played a show in NE on Sat night then spent the Sunday in Sioux Falls. The bus was leaving for Washington at 9 pm last night. Jake, Lacey & baby Pearl left for the hotel to take Pearl to the pool for a while so Brittany and I spent about an hour with some of his band. Jake’s drummer, Myron, is super sweet to Brittany & I all the time.

Oh and I asked Jake how his finger was doing post amputation so he showed it to us; it’s looking good! Ha ha!

Here are some of the photos Kayla and Janelle posted.

Jake Owen with Janelle Holsing at Buffalo Wild Wings


Listener Photo