Greetings!!  I'm Dan Peters and my life's path now leads to the hallowed halls of Viewpoint University on a permanent basis.


For the past four plus years whenever Rick or Ruth needed some time off, I was usually the one who got paged to fill the void. Now that Ruth has chosen to make a new life in Pierre, a new chapter for VPU was set to begin as well.  Many folks sent their credentials and samples of their work to the powers that be at Results Radio/Townsquare Media, but I was chosen to take over the post of producer/scheduler/call-screener/fill-in host.  For this honor, I am extremely grateful.


First, to work with a veteran such as Rick Knobe on a daily basis in this capacity is a fantastic opportunity to be among the best.  The same can be said of Gene Hetland who is also well-known and respected in the news community.  Adding to that, being a part of the entire Results Radio organization multiplies the gratitude that I feel.  Since my wife and I moved to Sioux Falls five years ago, Results Radio has valued my contribution as a part-time staff member.  Even though I was not full time, I had worked in radio for 15 years.  To a person, there was respect shown to me for the talents that I had and a willingness to use me in numerous ways to further the mission of Results Radio.


As you get to know me better both through the spoken and written word, hopefully we can come to an understanding of who we are at the moment.  Then take the steps to explore who we can eventually be.  Join me along with Rick Knobe from 4-7CT for Viewpoint University on 1140 KSOO and at