Whipping from one end of the clock to the other in the work environment is not as hazardous at returning punts in the NFL.  It does have some common ties, however.

For almost a week and a half, Rick Knobe has taken leave from his Chancellor’s Chair at Viewpoint University.  As a result, I assumed the role to fill-in the gap.  Knobe returns and Chad McKenzie is off to enjoy Jazzfest in Sioux Falls.  Once again slack gets picked up.

The morning show and afternoon shows are different by nature and necessity.  Varied skill sets are required to administer the specific listener’s needs.

If you want to compare it to a football player (and I know you do because people are starting to assemble their Fantasy Football teams), Darren Sproles fits the bill.  The former Kansas State Wildcat can play the running back, catch passes and return kicks.  Starting in San Diego, Sproles has earned the respect of his peers with his versatility.  As evidence, Spoles set the NFL single season record for all-purpose yards in 2011 with New Orleans.  Philadelphia will be where Sproles plays this season in the high-octane attack constructed by Chip Kelly.  Thus, Sproles has to know a big chunk of the play book and participate in one of the most dangerous aspects of the game on the return squad.

Undoubtedly the newly acquired Eagle casts a larger shadow than I do, but I can operate in that dusty corner just the same.