Eileen White, who battled mental illness for over three decades, says it is possible to recover a day at a time.

"No matter how ill you get," Eileen tells KSOO Radio, "no matter how down you are there is help out there.  Medications are getting better every day.  Medications work.  There is therapy and groups like the National Alliance On Mental Illness that can point you in the right direction.  There are people that are willing to listen to you.  The first step to take: reach out and admit you need some treatment just like you have any physical disorder.  No matter how ill you get, recovery is a possibility."

Eileen White knows that for a fact! "I wake up every morning.  I am so thrilled to get out of bed and share my story.  I do love life!  If I die tomorrow, I would think that I had a fantastic and wonderful life.  Thanks to spirituality, I've also grown as a person.  I want to share this with your audience:  there is always hope and things will get better no matter how low you may feel right now.  It may not be perfect but you can reach a level of recovery where you can love life and live it fully.  I feel I have a great life!"