I may have just lost my will to live.  My dog and I have spent countless hours watching Jared Allen and the Minnesota Vikings.  I watched for the football.  Bogie watched because I drop lots of snacks on the floor.

I just can't believe this!?  It's being reported this morning that five-time Pro Bowl and four-time All-Pro Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has signed a 4-Year Deal with the Chicago Bears.

Really...Da Bears!?  Why not just drive a stake into my heart?

Allen has spent the past six years with the Minnesota Vikings where he started 96 games and racked up 85.5 sacks.

According to NFL.com the deal is 4 years, $32 million that can void to 3-years $24 million and has a guarantee of $15.5 million.

Q: Did you hear the new penalty for speeding in Illinois?

A: On the first offense they give you Bears tickets, and on the second offense, they make you use them.