An email in the middle of the day shatters normalcy.  This insidious crime of identity theft claims another victim.

Someone stole my identity. I have become prey.  The scale to which I’m affected is very slight, so far.  If it remains slight, the credit card company deserves a ton of thanks.  Chase Bank sent me a notice that my credit card had three purchases declined because it was outside the normal pattern.  The charges were in Barcelona, Spain.  Neither I nor my wife have ever been in Europe let alone Spain.

Thus, this card has no value and a new one will be issued.  Checking through the other accounts that I have with card access show no strange activity for now.  Others who have been through this have been seriously affected, so I feel fortunate.  That oft-repeated phrase “I can’t believe this happened to me,” trips off the lips.  Someone in Barcelona didn't want to be someone from Sioux Falls on vacation.  He or she wanted my money.  Consider my identity under repair for the time being.