After that long, cold winter, and you were finally able to plant your garden, did you watch it wash away this week? I'm hoping for a Mother Nature Miracle, but if not, I may have a solution. Garden centers still have a very good selection of vegetables and herbs that can all be grown in containers. This seems like the perfect opportunity to still be able to have that fresh and wonderful taste of Summer. Containers may not be able to produce the amounts of produce that you were hoping for, but you can still harvest at the peak of ripeness, with little if no weeding. Peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers will be fine in containers. Just make sure that you tie the cucumbers to a sturdy trellis.

Herbs can either go into their own pots or be planted in a strawberry pot. When planting this way, I like to have basil on the top with thyme, parsley, oregano, and cilantro trailing out the sides.

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You may find that setting your vegetable containers alongside a flowering plant may increase pollination, as the flowers attract bees and butterflies. Vegetables in containers will allow children to help with picking them without a misstep on another plant. And guests will be able to admire your culinary prowess as you ask them to snip a few herbs for the salad!

If, however,your garden seems too much to redo, you can always choose from one of the many vendors at a farmers market. Mary's Kitchen and Gardens is one of my favorites. You can find her beginning in July at Landscape Garden Centers or here