Two potential candidates for Lt. Governor who come from seemingly opposite perspectives actually made very similar points on Viewpoint University Tuesday.  

In her first visit to the faculty lounge since being named to the Democratic Gubernatorial ticket, Susy Blake was asked how it is that she and Susan Wismer can distinguish themselves from the Republican ticket of Dennis Daugaard and Matt Michels.  Blake feels that today’s Republican power structure is more inwardly based toward the party.  “They aren’t working for the entire population.  It seems that they are working for a segment of the population.  Whereas the Democrats believe if you raise the level of the water everyone’s boat goes up.”

Soon after, Lora Hubbel made an appearance on VPU.  Hubbel was recently defeated by Governor Daugaard in the Republican primary.  The former State Legislator from Sioux Falls now returns as the choice of Independent candidate Michael Myers as Lt. Governor.  The change was necessitated by the resignation of Caitlin Collier from the ticket.

Admittedly, Myers is more liberal.  Hubbel is more conservative.  However, Hubbel seizes the opportunity to illustrate that despite political differences a balance can be struck.  Hubbel claims a balance void in Pierre.  “What I hope that we can show in South Dakota is that those types of ideas from both sides can come to a consensus and balance the power.  That is so needed in Pierre right now.  I liken it to China.  China has a single party system.  The single party makes the rules. (As a consequence)…there is no challenging of anything that is said from the top down.”

Neither lady has been in their post for very long, but both are ready to bring some heat to the incumbent Governor and the party in which he resides.