Finish that statement.  Those who don’t already have a big stash of cash have taken time to dream of lottery winnings.

Truthfully, you and I are not going to win.  However knowing a big jackpot was at stake on Saturday night.  Seeing the marquee with a Powerball Jackpot of $400 million for Wednesday got me to thinking.

For a while I thought about a publicity stunt of saying in this space, “…I would give it ALL away.”  The odds are over 175 million to one.  There’s no chance.  A grand gesture that would get a big laugh.

Considering the miniscule chance that I could win, there would need to be a plan to make good.  What lesson would I teach my kids that my word doesn’t mean anything if I say, “Give it all away,” then back out and keep even one dime.  It would be more than a full time job to find avenues for that much money to give.  Plus I would have to keep working my regular job because I committed my winnings elsewhere.  The money would crush me just to get rid of it.

Yes, I bought tickets.  Someone will win this thing.  If I win the lottery, I will give away MOST of the jackpot.