As a youngster growing up in Sioux Falls, I had a dream!

More than anything else I wanted to become a radio announcer and public speaker.  Yet, I wouldn't tell anyone.  It was my secret.  I suffered from a severe speech disorder.  I couldn't sound my vowels correctly and because of that I stuttered.  I had zero self esteem!

I vividly recall being in Axtell Park Junior High.  One of my teachers asked me to read from Shakespeare.  As I walked to the front of the room and began to read from Hamlet, the entire class broke out in laughter.  I vowed then and there---I would do whatever it took to become a radio personality and public speaker.  After making several phone calls, I located a college drama professor who was willing to help me.  After several years of working together, I no longer stuttered!!! Most of all---I was self confident!

I even entered a high school speech contest at Washington High School.  As I spoke, no one laughed.  I actually won 3rd place!

The Dean of Motivation, Earl Nightengale once said: If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it!

I know that for a fact!  Dreams really do come true.

Ronald Martinez-Getty Images Sport